A.V.'s Premiere Semi-Annual Kids Consignment Event
Helping families of the AV save since 2009!


Pricing your Items

  • Minimum price on any item is $2.00 increase and increase by $0.50 increments. Meet this minimum price by grouping same sized items together.
  • Here are some tips and guidelines we hope you find useful:
    • Tip #1 - Price your items as if you were the buyer and not the seller. Ask yourself, "How much would I pay for this?"  Price To Sell! 
    • Tip #2 - Group similar items together.
    • Tip #3 - Price low those items you prefer not to take home with you.

  • Discount:  You have the option to discount your items for 50% off Sunday.  If you plan to DONATE your item please make sure discount.  If your not planning on bring it home why not try and make something!
    • Many of our shoppers on 50% off Sunday only shop for the stars, which means your remaining items you didn't discount are missing out in the sale! Take the chance to earn the most...discount!

  • Choosing a Price
    • When selecting your price for the item, think of the very least you would consider taking for it and that should be your price. If you can’t take half that amount, then do not select the half price option for that item.
    • Do not let the half price issue affect your regular selling price because it simply makes the regular selling price too high. 
    • Consider this a great opportunity to clean out closets and kid’s rooms. Do not let your time and energy go to waste by not selling everything you put in the sale. Price it to sell!
    • Our shoppers come for the amazing deals! When they find quality items at a great price they share that with their friends...word of mouth is the BEST form of advertisement!
    • Presentation Matters!!! Run the iron quickly over each piece, take the little extra time to button all buttons, zip zippers, etc.

Tagging your Items

  • Enter your items:Login to your Consignor home page and you will find all the links you need to get started.
    • If you are a NEW Consignor you will click on "Work with Active Inventory" this will take you directly to the tagging system.
    • IF you are a returning consignor you may want to reactive inventory from the last sale
    • Use the drop down menu at the top of the page to enter your items into the system.
    • Describe the item using brand , color, pattern, etc.in the two lines provided.                               (This information helps us connect an item with it's missing tag so we can sell it!)
  • Print your Tags:Using our simple online program you will be able to print your tags from home at your convenience. Just log into your Consignor Home Page and to the left you will find a link for printing tags.
    • You should have 6 tags to a sheet of paper.  DO NOT change the scale of the image to fit more tags on a page. This size is important for the bar code to scan properly.
  • Place the tag: using a safety pin, packing or scotch tape, a tagging gun depending on the type of item. Make sure it is attached securely.
    • Clothing: Tags on clothing should be on the left  hand shoulder/side of clothing or on the cloth tag in the neck or back of the item.
      • If using a tagging gun please make sure to use a seam.  If tagged incorrectly with a tagging gun the item WILL NOT be accepted.
    • Toys/Equipment/ Outdoor Items: Place the tag in a visible location and attach it securely with packing tape, zip ties, or safety pins. Make sure it is secure...We CANNOT sell items without a tag!
    • Books:place tag on the outside back cover with scotch or painter's tape.  This will keep the book cover from ripping when the tag is removed.
  • You can print tags as you go or you can wait until your done entering items.
  • Once your tag is printed...if you are changing a price on an item you must print a new tag.
  •   If an item is being relisted from a previous sale please make sure it is priced at least $2.00.  Anything priced less than $2.00 will be removed from the sales floor.  




Hanging with Safety Pins

& Tagging

Hanging with Tagging Gun

Spring Event Dates * March 29-30-31, 2019