* You can NOW purchase them on  our website, for $8.00 a pass. Limit 2 per family.

On sale NOVEMBER 19th, 2020 @ 8am

* Can I bring my spouse/ family member/ friend with me to the Pre-Sale?

Although the pre-sale is a NICE perk for consignors and Buccaneer Volunteers, you may purchase 1 'Friendly Shopping Pass' for only $5.00. Our Treasured Buccaneers work hard to receive these perks, but we recognize that it is more fun to shop with a friend/partner. Consignor and Buccaneer pre-sale wristbands will not give admittance for a guest. 1 Pass per Consignor. Consignors can purchase these passes at drop-off.  Please bring EXACT change! No passes will be sold at the door.

* Can I bring children to the Pre-Sale?

Yes, children are allowed at the Pre-Sale. However, keep in mind this a very busy venue and you will find more shopping enjoyment without a little one to keep an eye on. We suggest you bring a tape measure and your child's measurements instead of the child!Children must remain with you at all times!

Pre-Sale is a special event for our Consignors and  Buccaneer Volunteers, they have worked for the opportunity to shop before the public. However, we would like to open up this a fun shopping experience to a few more excited shoppers, while still rewarding our Consignors and Buccaneer Volunteers. So, we have a limited number of public Pre-sale passes available for purchase. 

Consignor and Buccaneer Entry Times

* I'm not a consignor can I still get into Pre-Sale??

Pre-Sale Entry Times Thursday BEFORE we open to the PUBLIC!

3 Buccaneer Shifts
4 - 8 pm
2 Buccaneer Shifts
4:30 - 8 pm (plus extra 5%)
1 Buccaneer Shift
5 - 8 pm


(0 shifts)

6:30 - 8 pm

NEW: We are now offering the additional

5% increase in sales with 2 buccaneer shifts. This change was necessary for us to continue to serve the families of our community. 

UPCOMING Event Dates * November 20-22, 2020

A.V.'s Premiere Semi-Annual Kids Consignment Event
Helping families of the AV save since 2009!

$8 pre-sale pass for

7pm entry time

on sale

November 19th @ 8am

To purchase a Public Pre-sale Pass please click the button "Buy via Eventbright"! 

Pre-sale Public Pass       entry time is 7pm.

You must have a printed copy of your receipt as a proof of payment to enter. This fee is non-refundable! Only 2 per family!!

Passes are limited and will go quickly.