A.V.'s Premiere Semi-Annual Kids Consignment Event
Helping families of the AV save since 2009!


    So you are interested in consigning...WELCOME ABOARD!  We are looking forward to having you join us as we set Sale on our upcoming EVENT (see ABOVE or date)! Let's get you started. Here is a brief overview of steps...

  • Get Registered:You will find a "Register NOW" button to the right of every page. Make sure your name, address, and phone # are accurate as this is our means to get you your check.
    • There is a non- refundable Registration fee of $12This fee helps cover location costs, advertising, insurance, fixtures, and other sale supplies.
  • Supplies Needed:Quick list but not limited too just these supplies.
    • Wire Hangers ONLY (FREE at George's Clearners in Lancaster or order supplies through us!)
    • White Card stock 65lb (Card stock Only! Regular paper tears easily and tags get separated from their items. Items without tags don't sell!)
    • Safety Pins or Tagging Gun
    • Tape (Packing/ Scotch/ painters)
    • Zip ties
    • Plastic Bags (various sizes): to group items for sale
    • Rubber Bands
  • Gather Items:Check throughout your home for items you children have out grown or no longer use.  Places like the hall closet, garage, kitchen, linen closet, bathrooms, family room, etc. are often over looked.  Remember the more you sell the more you can earn!
  • Item Entry:We recommend grouping your items by size, gender/ and type before you start.  We also recommend having clothing hung and made into sets before entering.  Our simple drop down menu will make entering simple if you can keep a majority of the fields the same each time.
  • Prep Items: All items must be clean, free of odors, hung, bagged, assembled, etc. before dropping off at the sale.  Take the time to make it look good.  The better it looks the better it sells.  We do what we can if you miss an item, but time is limited and items will be pulled from the floor if they are not acceptable for sale.
  • Tag items: All items MUST have a tag!  Without a tag we do not know whom it belongs too!  Clothing should be tagged so that the tag can be seen while hanging on the rack. (Exception would be in the back seem or tag.)
    • Please make sure you Tags are clearly printed and attached securely!!
  • Drop-Off: All consignors MUST have a drop-off Apt to bring their items to sell.  You can find a link on our "Quick Links" Page and on your Consignor Home Page. All items must be tagged, hung, and prepped for sale.  Please have your items grouped by size, gender, and type of item in a disposable container (example: trash bag or box).  These containers will not be returned!
  • Pick-Up Monday following the sale. (April 1, 2019 @ 5-8pm)   Anything remaining after 8pm WILL be donated to the local non-profit charity of our choice.  We do NOT hold items after this time.
  • Your check:Your check will be mailed 2 weeks after the close of the sale.  Please make sure you consignor info is correct in our system so that we can avoid any delays in receiving your check.  Your check is only good for approx. 55 days! Do NOT wait to cash the check.  You will receive a fee from your bank if cashed after that point! We currently pay through bill pay and your check will come directly from Wellsfargo and is taken immediately from our account.  If a new check is need it will take 5-7 business days to reissue you another check. 



Spring Event Dates * March 29-30-31, 2019