Accepted Items

  • TOYS: All toys must be clean inside and out, be in working order, have all their parts, include fresh batteries (if item requires them), and not recalled. * Please see our safety guidelines page for a quick search engine.
    • Outdoor Toys/Equipment: sandboxes, ride-on toys, play houses, climbers, bikes, slides, baby pools, etc. MUST be clean, not cracked or damaged, have extreme fading due to sun exposure, and safe to use.
    • All electronic toys must include charged batteries, charger (if originally sold with one) and come with all the parts to function.w/
  • Stuffed animals: Must “do something” (they are electronic and therefore would be classified as a toy above) or be a licensed character (example: Beanie Babies, Mickey Mouse, etc.)
  • Clothing: Sizes Newborn to Children's 16/18. 
    • ONLY wire hangers will be accepted!
    • NO women's or mens clothing.  All should be marked by size number NOT with letters (S, M, L, XL)
    • All clothing must be in excellent condition, smell fresh, free of stains or blemishes, and seasonally appropriate.
    • Seasonal Items:
      • Spring/Summer: Sun dresses, tank tops, shorts, skorts, 4th of July, summer prints, Hawaiian, swim suits, flip flops, open toed sandals, strap style shoes, St. Patrick's Day theme, etc.
      • Fall/Winter: Heavy Coats, Winter boots, UGGs, Winter/Christmas theme prints, fleece P.J.s, Christmas dresses, Snow Gear, Beanies, Valentine's Day theme, lined overalls or pants, etc.
      • Both events:T-shirts, jeans/pants, light jackets, skirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, etc.
    • Please check all items carefully for excessive wear, stains, holes in seams, rips, working zippers and buttons, etc. we recommend you wash, press, and present your items in a way to increase chance of sale.  Since you price your own items you control the price you make for the number of items being sold.  We suggest pricing clothing items 15-25% of the original retail price. However, remember the better they are priced the higher the change of them selling.
  • Shoes: Must be in good to excellent condition.  Please look closely for holes, splitting soles, overly worn treads or excessive foot wear inside. Please make sure your shoes are seasonally appropriate (example: no sandals, strap style dress shoes, etc. will be accepted at the Fall Sales).
    • Dance and Sports shoes in gently used condition. 
  • Baby Items: walkers, bath tubs, strollers, high chairs, bouncy seats, swings, toddler beds and mattresses, boosters, pack-n-plays, equipment, accessories, etc.
  • Nursery, Bedding, and Decor: from infant to pre-teen
    • Accessories, Lamps, etc. must have light bulbs and batteries (if needed) in order that they may be tested.
  • Family Games and Puzzles: must have all pieces and parts and sealed securly.
  • Books, CD’s,  and DVD’s: Children up to pre-teen family appropriate, mommy and maternity related items.  DVD’s and CD’s must be in cases and must be an original copy.
  • Children’s Furniture: Must be in excellent condition and have all parts. Please check the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s website and ensure your item has not been recalled. A link is provided under "Consignor - Quick Links" page.
  • Cribs: Treasured Twice will only accept cribs that were manufactured on or after June 28, 2011. Your crib should
  • Diapering: Clothe diapers covers and inserts must smell fresh and free from stains.
  • Feeding: Unused nursing supplies, bottles & sippie cups w/out soft tops (unless new), plates & utensils, bibs (free of stains), unopened pacifiers & nipples, etc.
  • Breast pumps are accepted (without tubing, horns, valves,). We have found that they are not selling well due to insurances providing.  Therefore they are not holding as much value. Please price lower to get a higher chance of selling.
  •  Any item that requires a battery, please make sure you have fresh batteries installed.

ALL items will be inspected at drop off to ensure they are like new or gently used. If an item is found, at any time during the course of the sale, to not be acceptable for sale it will be pulled.

Unaccepted Items

  • No plastic hangers will be accepted with clothing for sale.  We do allow the sale of children's plastic hangers for sale in room decor.
  • Any item that has been recalled. Please utilize the Recall Finder or check with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Consignors are responsible for ensuring that their items have not been recalled.
  • Any items (clothing/toys/books) with stains, holes, fading, cracks, missing buttons, broken zippers, excessive wear, out of date, missing pieces/pages, etc.
  • Any crib manufactured before June 2011. Please review the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Crib Regulations.
  • Used Car Seats will not be accepted. (only NEW in box never opened)
  • NO used undergarments.
  • Stuffed animals that do not do anything (non-electronic) and are not a licensed character/ company (Mickey Mouse, Sponge Bob, Beanie Baby, Beanie Boo, etc.).
  • copies of DVD’s or CD’s
  • Bumbo seats without the safety strap recall fix-it kit (FREE from manufacture).
  • Breast Pump horns, tubes, values, etc. The FDA has set forth guidelines due to contamination issues with used breast pumps.
  • Used nipples, pacifiers, or soft top sippie cups. (If the nipple can be replaced you can sell the bottle w/out the nipple.)
  • Gear, or equipment with missing pieces, that are broken, or do function properly.
  • Furniture that is damaged or seen as unsafe.

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Treasured Twice is dedicated to the safety of our consignor and shopper's children! We do our best to ensure we only sell items that are safe and have that have not been recalled. It is the responsibility of our Consignors to ensure that all of their items are not recalled and meet all safety standards.

        Before you begin to prepare and tag your items please take a moment to read through our guidelines on acceptable items for sale.  We take the quality and cleanliness of our items very serious and do our best to provide our shoppers with children's items in excellent condition at amazing prices (see pricing guide). The List below is not limited to only these items.  If you are not sure on a specific item please email us to double check. 

Spring Event Dates * March 29-30-31, 2019